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The light weight LWAC-M2A1 ammunition box and case

Keep all of your ammunition, cartridges, hunting gear safely stored in the new military grade and approved LWAC-M2A1. The LWAC-M2A1 ammunition box is approved by armed forces around the world. This is due to it’s light weight and superior logistical features. Amongst others; improved stacking and the option of changing the lid for different purposes.

Hunting and outdoor’s activities also benefits from this ammunition box and contianer. It is waterproof and airtight. This means all of your gear will stay dry, even the the wettest environment.

Light weight LWAC-M2A1 ammunition box comparison?

  • 100% waterproof
  • Light weight: 765gram (1/3 of the steel variant)
  • Purpose built ammunition box
  • TSA lock point
  • Knobs for stacking and increased stability
  • Harness accessories
  • Advanced composites material

Certification and standards that matter’s

  • UN approval allowing up to 21,5kg of ammunition in the case
  • Dangerous goods approval for explosives and ammunition
  • An array of military standards – see more here
Light Weight Ammunition Box And Case Used Outdoors For Hunting

From our team

“It’s taken us more than 6 years to develop the M2A1 Light Weight Ammunition Case. It may not seem like much, but the technology packed in to this light case, is astonishing. Specially developed resins and polymer composites make a case, capable of coping with -52 to +72 degree celcius. 12meter drops while frozen. Water submersion and a ton of other harsh military test.

We are exceptionally proud of what we have achieved. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do, during hunting, in the garage for the tools, or whatever way you may think of using it”.

Jan Engmann, father, hunter and CEO of PPD Outdoor

The Original Light Weight Ammunition Box And Case Used Outdoors For Hunting

About the Light Weight M2A1 ammunition box

The LWAC is designed to meet the end-users requirements and certified to a bunch of military standards. The LWAC-M2A1 ammunition box is the future of ammunition transportation.

Since 2012, the LWAC has been in development and prototyping in order to fulfil our soldiers wishes. The lighter case, gives the soldier more freedom to manoeuvre and the ability to bring more fuel on vehicles. They fly longer in helicopters by swapping weight/fuel and produce a smaller carbon footprint.

The LWAC saves 1.640grams of each ammunition container – weighing in it-self only 760 grams.

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