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Current positions

  • Shareholder and CEO of PlastPack Defence
  • Owner and CEO of PlastPack Nordic
  • Member of the board, Labmodul
  • Owner RJ Holding

Previous positions

  • Senior Advisor to the Danish Defence and Security Industry Association 2010/2011
  • Board member at the Danish Defence and Security Industry Association 2009/2010
  • Executive Vice President at Copenhagen Sensor Technology 2005/2010
  • Started PlastPack Nordic 2003/current
  • Managing Director of Bonar Plastics 2001/2002
  • Division manager at Assi Domän 1991/2001


  • Royal Danish Defence Academy (SIKU)
  • AVT Business School, CBA and MBA
  • Harvard Business School
  • University of California, Berkeley
jan engmann shooting with the LWAC M2A1 ammunition box case
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