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0.50cal M2A1 lightweight ammunition container and the concept

LWAC is created as a multipurpose concept of creating lightweight transportation solutions for various types of ammunitions and explosives.

The UN certification which the box has achieved, means that it is able to transport much more than conventional ammunition and explosives. The M2A1 case, with it’s small dimensions, is allowed to contain up to 21.5kg of explosives or ammunition.

Outside measurements in millimeters

  • Length: 306,5
  • Width: 154,8 top – 147,4 bottom
  • Height: 190 (192 with knobs)

Inside measurements in millimeters

  • Length: 281 top, 279,4 bottom
  • Width: 143 top, 141,4 bottom
  • Height: 171
LWAC lightweight ammunition can with 7.62mm ammunition foam block

Application areas

  • Ammunition (small, medium and large-arms)
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Explosives
  • Countermeasures
  • Flares
  • Weapons
  • etc..

Pin-hole for TSA security locks or seal

Polymer composite locking hinge (in black)

Water proof gasket and specially designed back-lock mechanism

Patent and UN approval codes

Interlocking parts, which requires no welding

Specially designed triangular ribbon sides for added strength

Stacking knobs for added stability

Ribbing enforced sides and bottom

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