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The LWAC concept, MIL-SPEC

LWAC (lightweight ammunition container) is created as a multipurpose concept of creating lightweight transportation solutions for various types of ammunitions and explosives. The UN certification which the box has achieved, also means that it is able to transport much more than conventional ammunition and explosives Such as, chemicals, food and others. The M2A1 case, with it’s small dimensions, is allowed to contain up to 18kg of explosives or ammunition.

Patents, certifications, military standards, directives and regulations

Our LWAC and the technology to make it is protected by an array of patents in order to make sure that the product i made to the highest quality standards.

The correct standards and test procedures has been chosen by our end-users, military officials, ammunition manufacturers and the test centers performing the validations. On-top of that, we have designed the case to meet various transportation requirements in the “civilian” context e.g. for contact with food and others.

The LWAC concept and standards