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Sailing and yachting

Waterproofing your valuables for yachting and sailing. How do you keep your batteries, flares, emergency kits and satellite phone?

The only problem you have on sea is the abundant amount of water surrounding you and your valuable items in storage. The LWAC will hold moisture, water and humidity at bay, protecting your essential gear throughout your journey. As the LWAC is made to protect ammunition for more than 20years in storage, the quality and attention to details are key. A 100% waterproof gasket/seal in the inner lid, protects the case from water penetrating the case. Our engineers has developed the manufacturing process in such a way, that the seal is made together with the lid, instead of adding it to the case afterwards. This insures a cleaner surface, which makes the seal last longer and fit absolutely perfect each time you open and close the lid. The handle is made of a flexible material, ensuring a firm grib with gloves or without, specifically thought out to help soldiers grib the cases in stressfull situations.

Why is yacht and sailinggear storage more difficult?

Even though you have a large boat, there is only so much room to keep you shackles, seizing wire, wave-line or ring bolts together. You don’t want it laying around or on the floor in the engine bay, it should be kept in the right place for you to find it at all times. And also, there is never enough room might i add. The large volume within the LWAC makes it perfectly suited as storage of smaller items, which could otherwise become loose or be lost when loading/unloading the vessel, so for me it makes perfect sense as i can also stack them and tie them to my rigging.

You also have it for emergency reasons?

Should you ever have to leave your craft in an emergency due to fire or others, the case can simply be thrown in the water and it will float – that made all the difference to me. It is able to keep it self buoyant with less than 6.8kg, making it perfect for emergency flares and satellite phones. I can then drag it behind me to my liferaft, or even see it in the dark, should as i have it in bright yellow and red. See our shop.