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Technical details and dimensions of the M2A1 ammunition container


The difference between the dimensional tolerance from steel and the specially developed polymer we use is more than 1.1mm. The dimensional tolerances allowed in the steel version is ±1.6mm, where as the LWAC is produced with ±0.5mm. This ensures complete uniform use, which is sometimes an issues if you are storing large amounts of ammunition in vehicles, planes or helicopters. 10 boxes placed side by side, could add more than 1cm.

Colouring of the LWAC

The LWAC lightweight Ammunition Case is dyed in, meaning that the colours is added during production. Virtually any colour is available, we just need the RAL code. The steel variant is powder-coated which is a more extensive process and not as durable as the dyed in.

ESD – Electro Static Discharge protection

All of the military LWAC cases are created with an ESD compound, making it safe for ESD handling. This includes fuses, batteries, PCB boards etc. The steel version does, in rare cases, build up an electrostatic charge when being pushed across sand, concrete or metal floors, which can cause a discharge of the ammunition inside, when being removed from the container by a person. Hence, the compound of the LWAC is safer to operate and ensures a larger variety of uses.

Technical details

- The LWAC is submersible down to 2m (tested fully loaded)
- 12m helicopter drop according to MIL-STD
- Temperature range: -54/+72 degree celcius

Outside measurements in millimeters
- Length: 306,5
- Width: 154,8 at top / 147,4 at bottom
- Height: 190 (192 with knobs)

Inside measurements in millimeters
- Length: 281 at top / 279,4 at bottom
- Width: 143 at top / 141,4 at bottom
- Height: 171