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LWAC – “Tracer Edition”


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LWAC-M2A1 lightweighttracerammunition box

The LWAC-M2A1 Light Weight Ammunition Case is a perfect companion for your ammunition, cartridges and weapons. The LWAC-M2A1 is designed as a one-to-one replacement of the old steel M2A1, with extra features. Some of the improvements made are;

  • 100% watertight
  • Stacking knobs
  • TSA sealing hole
  • Interlocking parts (no welds)
  • Easy lock handle

What ammunition does the LWAC-M2A1 container hold?

The LWAC is perfect for ammunition ranging from 12.7mm/0.50Cal and smaller. Is has a flat bottom for better storage, enabling you to put ammunition cardboard boxes in which doesn’t tilt, potentially damaging/chipping the ammunition. The ammo box is made specifically to meet the requirements of the military and special forces from around the world.

  • Cartridge 5.56 mm bandoleers and linked
  • Cartridge 7.62 mm bandoleers and linked
  • Cartridge .30 calibre carbine
  • Cartridge .50 calibre linked
  • Cartridge .38 special
  • Cartridge 9mm (20 cartons of 50)
  • Cartridge .45 ACP
  • Cartridge 12 gauge shotgun shell
  • Cartridge .22LR

Our ideas for alternative use

Tracer rounds, ammunition, armour piercing, munitions, first-aid kit, hardware, tools, geo-caching, medicin, important documents and shotgun shells and color coded items.

Additional information

Weight 765 g
Dimensions 305 × 155 × 190 mm


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